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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> good luck getting out of san francisco tonight. the triple threat that is snarling traffic in a key part of town. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. one reason for night's traffic jam, people jamming out to billy joel. kpix5's sharon chin is live near at&t park where the concert is just about to let out. hi sharon. >> reporter: hi! well as you can see right now it is not too bad at all. the concert is going to end soon, so we expect the traffic to pick up. coming from the east bay, one driver tells us the traffic was horrific. a weekend long construction project at fifth and king streets detours traffic coming
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off of 280 north. plus, 50,000 fans flood to at&t park for billy joel's concert. getting stuck in traffic for the longest time. >> it is terrible. it has taken us 40 minutes to get around. >> reporter: then there is the shutdown of bart's transbay tube prompting these fans to board the ferry from the east bay. >> how was the ride? >> it was absolutely fantastic. it was fun. >> reporter: on a typical weekend, bart estimates it transports 80,000 riders but this weekend, some of them are taking the bus, they are running limited bus service between oakland and the san francisco transbay terminal with help from other transit agencies. >> today, i had to leave two hours early. you don't know how the traffic is. >> reporter: ridership is down 40% over last labor day weekend. >> all things considered, doing pretty well, but we are advising people to budget
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between 30 minutes and an hour. you never know what could happen, especially if you use the airport. >> reporter: bart closed the transpay tube for maintenance and upgrades an plans to open it tuesday at 4:00 a.m. and that detour at fifth and king expected to continue until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. once again along the embarcadero, we expect things to pick up as the concert ends shortly. >> sounds like it is going strong. is that piano man in the background there? >> reporter: you got it. going for two hours now. >> sharon chin live at at&t park. thank you. new at 11:00, a robbery and shooting at the rock bridge bart station in oakland. a viewer sent us the photos of the huge police response. the victim was mugged and shot in the parking lot at 6:30 tonight. that person is expected to be okay and police have detained a possible suspect. the bart station remained open the entire time and train
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service was not affected. tonight, whole foods has fired the entire security firm for one of the oakland stores after this. a cell phone image showing a customer lying face down in a pool of his own blood. witnesses say a security guard literally threw him out of the store near lake merritt after the customer argued with a cashier. >> after putting him in a choke hold, covered his mouth and nose, suffocated him for a number of seconds and threw him out the doors onto the concrete face first. the young man didn't break his fall because he was unconscious. >> the young man is recovering at the hospital. the security guard was fired. whole foods took it a step further and replaced the entire firm. the company said while we don't have the results of the police incident, we have a zero tolerance policy of violence. as a result of the violent behavior of the security guard, we are replacing this security firm in the store.
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a close call for a kayaker in southern california. he dipped his toe in the water and a shark swam up and bit him. listen to what his friend told reporter jennifer tonight. >> reporter: kyle shows us the kayak his friend was in when a hammerhead shark attacked that friend. hutcheson, the victim, has been kayaking and fishing a couple of hours this afternoon. >> we saw a fin. then it dove. we didn't see it for five minutes. all of a sudden, he had his foot over the side. he got bit and he pulled his foot up saying he got bit. >> reporter: he was bitten down to the bone of his foot and it was a close call for hutchens. >> i had my feet over in the water. >> reporter: the attack was about a mile-and-a-half offshore near deer creek road. life guards say a good samaritan on a fishing boat
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pulled the man out and helped control the bleeding before he was flown out for medical treatment. >> this is shocking. i have been out here swimming numerous times and i go out far. >> reporter: a week ago, a hammerhead shark caused a scare in la jolla prompting a beach closure. a week after that, a portion of new port beach and huntington beach were closed after a great white bumped into a life guard surfing. then, in santa barbara, a large shark took a big bite out after a fisherman's kayak. as for what happened in malibu saturday afternoon, no beach closures following this attack because it was so far offshore. hutchens says he still plans to get back in the water this sunday despite the encounter. >> just last week, a shark took a bite out of a woman's surfboard near morrow bay. she was not hurt. two napa county
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firefighters are recovering after rolling their rig down the embankment. they were on their way to a motorcycle crash. somehow, the truck ran off the road and tumbled into a creek bed 30 feet below. they suffered only minor injuries but the rig was terribly damaged. a special tow truck had to haul it out. it is a perfect weekend for a swim in the russian river. that's the problem. the water is not safe for children and pets. experts are trying to get the word out on the toxic algae, but not everybody is heing the warning. mark kelly reports. >> reporter: no toxic blue- green algae is going to keep a group of boys from swimming on a holiday weekend. >> you guys know about the blue- green algae? >> yeah. but, we just don't care. >> i read about it. people told me it was about dogs and stuff. i don't know. i didn't really read about it. >> reporter: mateo is right. officials started posting these
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signs up and could be the river. they are most concerned about kids and pets because they are more likely to swim in the toxic blooms and drink the water. this three-year-old golden retriever died last week after a swim here. deputy health officer dr. karen says the river is in fact safe for adults to go in. but with a few key rules. don't drink it and stay out of the shallow standing water where toxic algae likes to grow. >> the moving water that is clear, we feel it is safe and people can be there. >> reporter: so what is making this toxic algae? it is a combination of the drought and is hot summer heat. >> definitely, the preconditions that set up blue- green algae growth. >> reporter: these guys say they are careful, have been swimming here for weeks and
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never got sick. but others, more reluctant to take a dip. >> would you swim in the river? >> no. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> the warnings will likely stay up until we get some rain. california company is recalling its cucumbers after a salmonella outbreak that sickened hundreds of people in 27 state. the cucumbers were imported from mexico and distributed by andrew and williamson fresh produce of san diego. 300 people have gotten sick since july 3 and a 99-year-old san diego woman died. there is growing support in kentucky tonight for a county clerk who opted to go to jail rather than issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> we love you sister kim if you can hear us in there. >> supporterring rallied outside the jail where she is being held in contempt of court. she has repeatedly defied a federal judge's orders to issue the licenses. she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. >> i would just hope that she
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will have a change of heart and realize that she can love people and treat people equally and that our rights do not infringe upon her beliefs. >> davis' lawyers say she will spend her weekend in isolation reading her bible and she is prepared to stale in jail. tonight, this tweet could lead to the world's most wanted man. the critical feature his son didn't disable before hitting send. >> plus, you can't get any closer to a wild fire than this. the new technology helping to the new technology helping to fight fi,,,,,,
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>> was it a social media slipup or a clever diversion? tonight, nick valencia shows us the telltale tweet. >> reporter: is this the newest photo of one of the world's most wanted fugitives? joaquin guzman's son wants people to think so. this caption. augusto, aqui. comfortable here, you already know with who flanked by two unidentified men whose faces are covered by oversized emojis. it shows alfredo guzman sitting next to a man with a mustache
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who resembles his father. costa rica says they believe the costa rica they are talking about is not our country, but a a town in mexico. there is a small fishing town about 30 minutes south of guasan mexico, near where he was born. it was nearly two months ago that mexican authorities announced the world's most notorious drug trafficker escaped from a maximum security using this tunnel. >> the tunnel stretched more than a mile, carved out, earth here. >> reporter: ep chapo has been on the run ever since with no signs of his where abouts. >> by the way, there is no telling whether that location tag was left intentionally on the photo. it might have been a mistake. it might have been an attempt to throw investigators off the track. mexican authorities are looking
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into it. nearly a dozen campgrounds in the sierra are closed this holiday weekend. look at this video. you will see why. that smoke from the rough fire in fresno county has burned about 84,000 acres near hume lake. it is only 25% contained and the air quality is terrible. the forest service is urging holiday campers to stay away. nearly 9 million acres have burned across the west. carter evans is on the front line to show how firefighters are using cameras to stay a step ahead of the flames. the day seems calm in spite of the wild fire raging but one minute is all it takes. this rare view is captured by flame resistant equipment inside the wild fire. >> now, what we are seeing is the actual heat front.
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>> reporter: fire behavior analyst davis burns says what is alarming about the video is how the wind picks up significantly. blowing embers and spreading flames in all directions. >> that is an indicater of the winds generated by the fire. >> this equipment could tell you that. >> reporter: they are gathering data to see firsthand the destructive power of these flames. >> you can help us learn more about the fire an learn when to manage them. and what areas of the fire need to be squashed quicker. >> reporter: this summer the battle is to keep the fires from reaching drought damaged trees. there are millions of them throughout the forest. >> acres and acres of dead trees. that is a huge factor. >> reporter: once the trees catch fire, you can see how intensely they burn right up to the tree tops. >> you normally woulden see fire getting up into the canopies with regularity that is occurring right now. but it is happening and once the fires get up there, that is
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more than we are able to contend with. >> reporter: how does this impact the fire fight? >> instead of going direct, we have to back off. >> reporter: which may burn more wild land, but ultimately save lives. carter evans, cbs news, squaw valley. back in the bay area, going to the beach on labor day may be a different experience 100 years from now. you can blame climate change. that is the point marin county is trying to make at these signs in stinson beach. the last sign show it is beach could be all but gone by the year 2100. one fan brought a special item to tonight's billy joel concert. this postcard was sent from a holiday inn in west virginia. he hand wrote it to robert burger in 1974. burger told us he wrote the musician a letter after seeing him perform at his first
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carnegie hall concert. >> it is good to know you have been interested in my music for such a long time. i suppose i'm not as innocent as i used to be, but who is? the muse sick still the most important thing. and i don't think that will ever change. thanks again, love billy joel. >> well tonight, was the 68th time he has seen billy joel in concert. so you return fan mail and you get a fan for life. it is nice to hear. it is nice to learn, you know, guys like billy joel are nice guys. as we look at the golden gate bridge, we have clear skies. 65 degrees at concord. oakland, 62. in livermore, 65. in san jose, 65 degrees. santa rosa, 58. here is what is happening. high pressure finally reasserting itself over the west coast as it boots that low aside. it will take the mild weather with it. so we are looking for things to warm up this week. by midweek, temperatures will
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be about 100 degrees inland. beach hazards because of a long period southerly swell that will really affectsouth and southwest facing beaches so be careful near the shoreline. so here is what we are expecting. highs near 100 inland midweek. so, a bit of a warming trend for the bay area. it will stay warm right through the weekend. oakland is taking on the mariners not the steal any thunder, but the weather part of the forecast, 75 tomorrow, if you are headed to the game; a beautiful day for baseball at the coliseum. and for the art festival in sausalito as per usual, 80 degrees. one of the most sought after art festivals on earth. the wine and art festival nice as well. travel weather forecast, mid 90s will do it. 76 at lake tahoe. the numbers here are beginning to edge above average. tomorrow in concord, 90 degrees. san jose, 87, oakland, 83. san francisco, 77. down in the south bay, mid 80s will do it.
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plenty of sunshine tomorrow. not a whisker of low cloudiness. east bay, nudging 90. danville, and at pleasanton. 91 livermore. plenty of sun tomorrow 87 degrees. 87 novato as well. up by ukiah, we are looking for 85 and sunshine. same for clear lake. extended forecast, warming trend continues. we increase nine degrees or so and the warmest spots will add to that tomorrow and be near the century mark tuesday and wednesday. we will cool it off slightly thursday. plenty warm as we head into next weekend, so it will get warm and it will stay warm. >> all right, thanks brian. we are just three days away from the premier of the late show with stephen colbert right here on cbs. our ken bastida sat down with him in los angeles. >> you are known around the world. >> wow. i think that is not true. >> for being a little bit quirky. >> i'm huge in sub saharan
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africa. >> the bay area is really quirky. >> it has its own character. it is beautiful and unique. >> so we like that. >> we like to make sure that the quirkiness will continue. >> it will. listen, the entire creative team from the colbert report is continuing at the late show. which i hope is a good idea. i know it is a good idea. i hope cbs thinks it is a good idea because it is our job to do things that please us. >> well, the late show with stephen colbert kicks off tuesday night right after kpix5 news at 11:00. >> boy, if he can score points like cal football did today, wow, megahit. we have the college football season. it has opened. and that includes the pack 12. let's break it down. run ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> college football just sounds about right. it is about time. stanford picked the wrong time to challenge north western. david shaw would not be smiling too long. the cardinals got the opening drive right. christian mcaffrey. 12-yard game. a field goal. two turnovers and the offense out of rhythm. 240 total yards. clayton thorson made it stick.
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wildcats up 10-3. a rough day for kevin hogan, the quarterback. picked in the end zone by kyle caro. hogan, a buck 55, sacked three times. oh, just a lackluster performance as north western won 16-6. scrambling state fan. great. the team, not so much. bears roll right through them. daniel laskel scored on the last play of the game. cal 700 yards total offense. into the first. already 28-8. cal pick six. devonte jones got this one. cal had a couple of these. they scored 35 points in the first quarter. second quarter, jared golf threw over 300 yards by halftime and sat out the rest of the way. they won the game 73-14. second most pins since 1937.
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inside jerry jones house, cowboy stadium, alabama. through wisconsin. you see why the crimson tide is ranked third. derrick henry on the loose. he had 147 yards and three touchdowns. number 20 badgers, no answers. it is bama. 35-17. and i have to show you this terrific finish. byu, down one at nebraska. needed a prayer. last play of the game. hail mary ... touchdown! mitch matthews, 42-yard play and young wan the game 33-28. i am coming back with pro football. every team has cut down to its final 53 man roster. 49er empire, he learned his ,,,,,,,,,,
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the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> nfl, the roster cuts are in. speculate all you want, but nothing is official. 49ers jarod hayne. go out and get his jersey now. he made the team. that was the headliner out of
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santa clara today. he was the feel good story star of the the preseason with 175 rushing yards. second in the league. he averaged 18 yards on punt returns. hey, baseball, amid the oasis of the rocky mountains. giants baseball. top third, giants add it to a 1- 0 lead on the rockies. angel pagan. right around the foul pole. 5th inning, thousand 2-1, matt duffy went wall. went to the base of it. that scored. jake peavy and gregor blanco made it 4-1. next inning, peavy got some. he doubled in nick noonan. the giants win 7-3 and snapped a seven game losing streak. green day literally in oakland. bands billy joel arm strong photo op.
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it's a gaper for robinson cano off jesse chavez. then shawn o'malley went yard. his first career home run. mariners won the game, 6-0. in front of 27,387. it was oakland's fourth straight loss. and that is ramiro corales. got into the game's hall of fame for the quakes. then watched connor casey score twice for philadelphia. the second goal to break a 1-0 tie. philadelphia won. we will be back. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ men... never mix tequila and scotch. morning, uncle charlie. hey, jake boy. dad said you'd never get up to go to soccer with me but i said, yuh-huh, he promised. so, he was wrong. ha ha. yeah. ha ha. wait. what? uh, you know, most of the parents wear shorts and lots of sun screen, but that's another way to go. alan, i can't go to a soccer game. i just got home from vegas. you went out last night to return a video. yeah, but i ran into a friend of mine who was getting married at the bellagio. that explains the tuxedo.


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